Over the years I have used various facial line fillers and tried many different doctors. I now use Juvederm and Dr. Nguyen is the best I have been to. She is extremely careful, expert, and has an artistic eye for attractive, natural results.


My birthdays are relentlessly stacking up. Dr. Nguyen allows me to roll back my odometer every time I visit her. I’m truly grateful for the ease of the expertise she offers me.


I recently had Botox and Juvederm treatments administered by Dr Nguyen. It was such a pleasant experience. I was nervous, because a year ago I had another doctor inject Juvederm around the lips, and it was very painful. Dr Nguyen took her time and made sure the numbing agent took effect before she started injecting. I can actually say it didn¹t hurt at all! I am also so happy with the results! It looks very natural around my lips (they don¹t look overdone), and I¹m quite happy with the botox as well. I would definitely recommend going to Dr Nguyen for any cosmetic treatment!


My parents both had leg vein surgery in their 30s. The solution for me was much simpler and less invasive. Dr. Nguyen took care of my leg vein problems with a single treatment in about an hour. My recovery was quick and painless. Several months later I continue to be delighted with the results.


When I turned 40 I wanted to improve my looks but did not want plastic surgery. I saw Dr. Nguyen and she put Botox® into the wrinkle above my nose and it took 15 years off my appearance. I had her reshape my lips with Restylane® and it was beautiful. I finally had the full lips I always wanted.