Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin® are all neuromodulators used to remove fine lines on the face. Dynamic facial wrinkles are the result of contractions of the tiny underlying facial muscles that occur when someone smiles, frowns or laughs. These neuromodulators are now a very popular way to help turn back time on facial wrinkles. The most common areas to receive them are those along the forehead, the crows feet around eyes, and the vertical lines in-between the eyebrows. They work by blocking the facial nerve impulses to facial muscles, thus relaxing the muscles. When the underlying facial muscles are relaxed, the skin flattens out, creating a smoother appearance.

Dysport® is similar to BOTOX®, which also contains Botulinum toxin type A, but has a slightly different formula. Most patients see visible changes from Dysport® in about a week and results last three to four months.

XEOMIN® is formulated with a molecule, similar to BOTOX®, that blocks the release of the chemicals that cause muscle contractions. XEOMIN® is also free of additives, making it unique and less-likely to cause an adverse reaction in patients.

Dr Nguyen will  customize your treatment by choosing the neuromodulator that best addresses your unique issues.


Time Required to perform:
About 15-30 minutes

Side Effects:
No serious side effects. It is possible to experience a mild headache after the procedure. There may be a small amount of bruising around the treated areas, but this is temporary.

Potential risks include muscle tightness, drooping of eyelids.

Duration of Results:
Usually 3-6 months. Can last up to 8 months, depending upon the individual. When the toxin begins to wear off, the wrinkles begin to reappear, though frequently not as deep as the original ones. Clinical studies suggest that after several rounds of treatment, the patient may require injections less often.

Recovery is immediate. Patients can immediately return to work and other daily tasks.

Due to the cosmetic nature of Botox® injections, insurance usually does not apply.

Discomfort Level:
Virtually none for most people; may be slight discomfort at the injection site.

A topical numbing cream can be applied at the injection site.

Botox® Treatment Can Be Combined With:
Collagen, Restylane®

Known As:
Wrinkle removal, Botulinum Toxin, Botox® Cosmetic, Botox® Injections

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